DW Experience TARDIS tour, 24th November 2013! I saw a similar photoset a few months ago and it got me dreaming of visiting the actual TARDIS, maybe one day, in the far far away future… Which came sooner than I ever could’ve expected! :^))

We were told not to touch anything; we couldn’t even walk around the console fully. Well, “Peter Capaldi’s going to start filming here” was a good enough reason for me.

Even after seeing the humongous, wooden, macaroni-shaped set constuction from the outside, once I stepped through the doors… It felt bigger on the inside. I let out an incredulous laugh and slapped a hand over my mouth.It was over all too soon (the tour was very short). All I wanted to do was run and jump around and touch everything. I really wanted to let the people around me know how happy I was, but everyone else was containing themselves admirably and, in all honesty, I was quite speechless.

A magical place.

I’m so happy I went there.